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We offer several unique Pre-Collection packages that solve one of the most frustrating and important problems in business today.  The recovery of past due accounts without damaging client/customer relations. The Pre-Collection option can successfully collect many of these delinquent accounts for less than $10.00 per account. With NO additional changes what so ever.  In so doing, it will save you time and money while reducing your internal billing costs by up to 50%.  It can reduce your "in house" collection costs by approximately 70-80% while completely eliminating the tension in customer relations.

Key Benefits

bulletProtect customer relations
bulletReduce internal billing costs
bulletReduce outside collection costs


Pre-Collection, while not exactly a new idea.  Has advanced considerably in the last 20 years.  Technology today allows us to offer a variety of packages each tailored to fit a specific client's needs. Including customized letters for each, varied time tables, and even personal contact.

Protect customer relations

No one likes to call and ask their customers to pay their past due account.  Pre-Collection takes the sting out of that task and allows a THIRD PARTY to let the customer know that while the debt has reached a seriously delinquent point, you still value his/her business and are trying to allow him/her to clear the debt before more severe remedies become necessary.

Reduce internal billing costs

Our Pre Collection packages are designed to allow your customer to be billed more effectively for a flat fee that is less than the actual total cost to many professional business' to send a monthly statement.

Reduce outside collection costs

Pre-Collection, when used properly is always less expensive than any other form of professional account recovery.  Pre-Collection also "weeds out" those accounts that tend to pay just as soon as they receive the first notice from a collection agency, thereby saving you the commissions you would otherwise owe on a contingency fee assignment. In addition, you can feel confident that an account that does not pay while in Pre-Collection, truly is a "collection account" and would not be recoverable any other way.



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